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Fruit Face Wash Gel

Fruit Face Wash Gel
Fruit Face Wash Gel Fruit Face Wash Gel

Fruit Face Wash Gel

Brand: GoKripaProducts
Product Code: NFW
Price: र 50.00
Weight : 50 g


Total Price : र 50.00
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Goseva Panchgavya Mix Fruit Face Wash Gel

Goseva Mix Face wash gel is endowed with natural extracts of fresh fruits and Alovera and has been designed especially for sensitive skin that can’t bear hard chemical usually present in commercially available cosmetic products in the market.

Concocted from Mix Fruit Extract, Apple Extract, Banana Extract,, Pianaple Extract. Black Berries  Extract, Lemon Extract, Cucumber Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Peach Extract, Aloevera  Extract, Soya Protein  Extract, Face Wash Soft Base; this preparation is meant for removing impurities from skin pores that block them and result in pimples and acne on the otherwise beautiful face. The alovera with its antibacterial properties removes any possibility of having skin infections. The fruit extracts freshness and rejuvenates the dry as well as dead skin .

The fairness gel is fit to be used by young girls who are engaged to be married soon. This 100% natural product  nourishes and moisturizes skin in Ayurvedic way.

Features Panchgavya Fruit Face Wash for Best Results:

- Animal FAT or Oil Free

- 100% Vegetarian

- No Harmful Chemicals Used

- Coconut and Aloevera Base Used with Fruit Extracts

- For Deep Skin Cleansing

- Removes Dead Cells and Dust from Skin

- Natural and Healthy Glowing Skin

- For All Type of Skins

- face wash gives you a fairer and clearer complexion

- Coconut and Aloevera works as an excellent toner

- Aloevera and Fruits Extracts heals acne and prevents scar formation by regenerating tissues in the affected area

- Smells light coconut and fruits

- Useful and minimizes the visibility of wrinkles Naturally

- Best for Sensitive Skin


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"I used to suffer from a balding problem and I feared that I may get totally bald very soon!.The Brahmani Amla Hair Oil has worked as a hair loss treatment and I am very happy with the results."Nrupendra Pal Singh

"You have not had real ghee until you have tasted the Goseva Ghee! This ghee has a very authentic tastes because of the quality of milk and also due to the hand churning techniques which makes it a class apart."Manish Kumar

"Angamardanam Tailam has given me a lot of relief from low backache which I was suffering from after I injured my back 3 years back due to a fall."SMT krishna kumari



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