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Aloevera Panchgavya Ayurvedic Skin Soap for all.

If you are already fed up with chemical soaps available in the market which falsely promise you healthy and glowing skin and above all leave you guilty for creating pollution of environment then Goseva Panchgavya Aloevera Soap is a solution to all your skin problems that to in a natural way. 

Goseva Panchgavya Alovera soap is both mild and 100% natural handmade product that come with blessings of Gau Mata. The cow’s milk and aloevera detoxifies the skin whereas the sandal wood and glycerin leaves a glowing smooth effect which will make you use this soap again and again.

Ingredients like Aloevera , Gir Cow Ghee (Panchgavya), Cow’s Milk (Panchgavya), GoMaya (Panchgavya), Glycerin. Ayurvedic soap Base without any animal fat make it both eco-friendly and Ahimsa product fit for the use of devotees and animal lovers alike.

Goseva Alovera soap works well to treat acne, dullness and blockages of skin pores that may cause various skin diseases and problems. It removes body odor and gives you a fresh feel after each bath.

Features Aloevera Bath Soap:

100% vegetarian no Animal Fat or Oil Used

- NO Harmful Chemicals Used

- a Panchgavya Formula with Aloevera

- Very Usefrul for various Skin Diseases

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