Satvik Dhoop - Pure Incense


Satvik Dhoop - Pure Incense

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Satvik Shudh Dhoop : Pure Incense, air purifier

Shudh dhoop purifies the complete atmosphere of your home. The scent of shudh dhoop makes entire surrounding pure and pleasing.

Mata Rukhmini used to burn dhoop to please Dwarkadhish whenever he was around her. Burning dhoop makes ambience harmonizing and it is good for physical and spiritual well-being.

Burning shudh dhoop made from Gir cow is equivalent to performing sacrifice (Yagya). It is also useful to kill bacteria and SWINE FLU H1N1 virus. The natural essence of dhoop provides divine purity.

With the use of shud dhoop one does not need to use mosquito coils as it is good mosquito repellent. Frequent use of dhoop is recommended for spiritual development.

Our Shudh dhoop is entirely pure and no chemicals are used in making it. The money earned by the sale of dhoop is used for cow maintenance and protection.


Cow dung base made with selected herbs.


सात्विक सुद्ध धुप :

वातावरण के प्रदुषण को दूरऔर शुद्ध करता है ,मन को प्रसन्न करे ,12 घंटे तक घर में प्रभाव रखे।, हिमालय की प्राकृतिक जडीबुटीओ से बनाया हुआ ,केमिकल रहित जो तुम्हारे इष्टदेव को अर्पण करने से प्रसन्न होते है ,अनुभव की बात है।

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126 Ratings & 27 Reviews

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S. Shankar

very good dhoop, gives a real feel of havan, thankful for Such a good product and prompt delivery

Best product..Our whole family like it very much.

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Shiv Simha

Excellent product. Really makes the atmosphere divine.

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