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Natural Toilet Cleaner Antibacterial made from Fresh Eucalyptus.

Eco Fresh Natural Toilet Cleaner is meticulously crafted using pure plant saponin extracts without chemical processing. Our potent blend of saponin extracts effectively cleans and disinfects toilets, drains, and other sanitary fittings.


In eliminating calcification and combating the formation of urinary stones, Neem and eucalyptus oil act as antibacterial agents, eliminating unpleasant odors and leaving behind a refreshing scent.

Benefits of Natural Toilet Cleaner:

Removing Hard Stains:

The hard water stain remover effortlessly eliminates tough stains on toilet seats. Additionally, the natural descaler helps reduce limescale, calcium deposits, and hard water stains on bathroom tiles, taps, & showers.

Boosts Septic Tank Performance:

Microbes not only degrade waste and organics but also add value to your septic tank system in the long term. They help reduce odor and extend the life of septic tanks.

Residual Cleaning:

The bio-toilet cleaner enables continuous cleaning. This implies that the microbes persistently continue functioning for days, even subsequent to the initial application of the natural cleaner, until all stains and residue vanish completely.

Generates No Toxic Fumes:

Unlike conventional cleaners, the organic bathroom cleaner enriches with safe ingredients that do not produce toxic fumes, thereby ensuring safety for humans, pets, and the environment.

Helps Rejuvenate Water Bodies:

Every 1 ml of bio-enzyme can decontaminate 1000 ml of water. The non-toxic degreaser reaches the wastewater treatment plant through our septic tank and ultimately reaches freshwater bodies. Throughout their journey, they constantly help purify & rejuvenate water bodies.

Safe for Babies & Pets:

This organic toilet bowl cleaner is specially formulated from natural ingredients derived from Mother Nature and is free of sulfates, bleach, and parabens, making them entirely safe for babies and pets.


Empty the cleaner into the toilet bowl and under the rim. Let it work for a few minutes, then brush carefully and rinse thoroughly.

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Weight495 g


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