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Gomutra Ark : Distilled Cow Urine { Indian (Desi) Cow’s Urine }
Aurveda recommends GOMUTRA-ARK to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce body fat. It is actual Godhan Amrit from Gir Cow’s Divyata. Benifits as A gift of cow urine is its ability to balance the three doshas (mucous, bile, and air). It boosts the immune system, serves as a complete detoxifier, and as a health promoting anti-oxidant.

It also enhances brain power and strengthens the heart while bringing your consciousness to a higher level of goodness. Generally, it repairs and regenerates damaged tissues and cells.

Very effective in obesity, controlling cholesterol levels, reducing stones, swelling, and joint pains. Also cures respiratory problems. It is useful in all kinds of children’s cough and other diseases. It gives strength and energy. Also serves as an anti-bacterial agent.

Gir Cow GauMutra ARK is prepared by boiling cow-urine in an Glass pot to which a vapor condensing device is attached. Cow Urine Benefits is achieved by using for long period. It can be given to children and ladies without any harm. It is more effective when mixed with honey.


Take 2 tsp. diluted in water or mix with honey to your taste on empty stomach once or twice a day.

Distilled Cow Urine.
Note : Cow Urine from Best Indian Breed with natural Grazing will give maximum results.

Gomutra Ark Information about distillation cow urine
गौमूत्र अर्क :

आयुर्वेद के अनुसार, गोमूत्र कुष्ठ रोग, बुखार, पेप्टिक अल्सर, यकृत रोग, किडनी विकार, अस्थमा, कुछ एलर्जी, सोरायसिस, एनीमिया और यहां तक ​​कि कैंसर का इलाज कर सकता है। आधुनिक शोध के अनुसार भी वैज्ञानिकों ने यह सिद्ध किया है कि गोमूत्र मे कैंसर रोधी गुण होते हैं। यह कैंसर के खतरे को रोकने का काम करता है।

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