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PUNARANAVA GOMUTRA ARK 500ML – Best for Kidney Liver & Respiratory system


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::Punarnava Ark Benefits::
Punarnava is a well known medicinal plant packed with essential nutrients, vitamins such as vitamin C and other constituents.
It helps to manage stomach disorders such as constipation by promoting bowel movements due to its laxative property.
It is also provides relief from gas and abdominal pain. It effective in improving digestion and managing weight by suppressing appetite.
This ark also helps increase urine production due to its diuretic activity and reduces the risk of urinary complications.
It might also be useful for managing liver problems due to its antioxidant activity which prevents liver cell damage caused by free radicals.
::Punarnava Ark Uses::
Add 5 to10 ml of Purarnava GoMutra Ark In 50 ml Of water and take it empty stomach in the morning & before sleeping.

  • Use as directed by the physician.

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