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PUNARNAVA GOMUTRA ARK 500ML – Best for Kidney Liver & Respiratory system

The combination of Punarnava, Gomutra, Neem Patte, Guduchi, Daru Haldi, Durva, and Gokharu is promoted for its potential health benefits based on Ayurvedic principles – Punarnava gomutra ark. Here’s a summary of the mentioned ingredients and their associated benefits:

  1. Punarnava Gomutra ark:

    • Reduce swelling and have anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Useful in liver disorders, urinary problems, kidney stones, liver enlargement, cirrhosis, jaundice, dropsy, anemia, and cardiac disorders.
    • Improve digestion and taste.
    • Have anti-aging effects.
  2. Neem Patte:

    • Useful for asthma, sore throat, tuberculosis, eczema, jaundice, stomach ulcers, and diabetes.
    • Addresses arthritis, rheumatism, and supports healthy skin.
    • Cleanses blood and boosts the immune system.
    • Promotes healthy blood sugar levels and a healthy respiratory system.
  3. Guduchi:

    • Improves digestion power and relieves excessive thirst.
    • Boosts immunity and treats urinary tract disorders, cough, anemia, and jaundice.
    • Addresses gout-arthritis, fever, intestinal worms, vomiting, piles, heart diseases, and vision problems.
    • Has anti-aging and rejuvenating properties.
  4. Daru Haldi:

    • Useful in stomach infections, dysentery, ulcers, skin diseases, pain, itching, and diabetes.
    • Addresses herpes, menstruation-related disorders, and aids in wound healing.
    • Improves appetite and digestion.
    • Exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor activities.
  5. Durva:

    • Useful in epilepsy, acidity, constipation, bleeding, piles, diabetes, and cold.
    • Aids in phlegm removal and supports heart health.
    • Addresses urinary tract infections, breast milk production, and gynecological problems.
    • Exhibits anti-cancer properties.
  6. Gokharu:

    • Useful for sexual weakness, kidney problems, stone formation, urination issues, and jaundice.
    • Addresses weakness, muscle building, uterus infections, and Leucorrhoea, and improves digestion.
    • Supports cardiac health, and vision, and addresses cough, cold, piles, and hemorrhoids.

The mentioned dosage for Punarnava Gomutra Ark is 10-15 ml with an equal quantity of water, twice a day after meals or as advised by a physician.

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  1. Amit

    Best ark available in the industries. I support goseva

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