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Bhasma – Oxyjal


  • Goseva-Oxyjal(bhasma) Is world`s best antibacterial
  • Restores lost micro nutrients in R.O & U.V treated water
  • Booster of prana Shakti (vital Air) in our body
  • Best skin healing properties
  • Help prevent all kind of cancers
  • Natural water quality enhancer
  • Protect from early age joints pain
  • Fast recovery from all kind of skin problems
  • Increase the alkaline & decrease the acidic content in body

Do you drink R.O & U.V Treated water?

Then you are losing important salts & nutrients to restore lost salt & nutrients Use “Oxyjal-Bhasma” prepared with gomaya bhashma


1 pinch in a glass of water

1 table spoon for 20 liters water

FAQs: Goseva-Oxyjal

  1. Q: What is Goseva-Oxyjal?

    • Ans: Goseva-Oxyjal is renowned as the world’s best antibacterial solution with various health benefits. It serves as a booster of prana shakti (vital air) in our body, restores lost micro-nutrients in R.O and U.V treated water, and possesses excellent skin healing properties.
  2. Q: How does Goseva-Oxyjal benefit the skin?

    • Ans: Goseva-Oxyjal is known for its natural water quality enhancement and skin healing properties. It aids in the prevention of various skin problems and ensures fast recovery from skin-related issues.
  3. Q: Can Goseva-Oxyjal help prevent cancers?

    • Ans: Yes, Goseva-Oxyjal is believed to contribute to cancer prevention. Its properties are known to be effective in protecting against various types of cancers.
  4. Q: How does Goseva-Oxyjal impact water quality?

    • Ans: Goseva-Oxyjal restores important salts and nutrients in R.O and U.V treated water. It increases the alkaline content and decreases the acidic content in the body.
  5. Q: What is the recommended usage of Goseva-Oxyjal?

    • Ans: For daily consumption, add 1 pinch of Goseva-Oxyjal to a glass of water. Additionally, for treating 20 liters of water, use 1 tablespoon of Oxyjal to restore lost salts and nutrients.

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Weight225 g


  1. Kumar Kant Bedi

    Improves stamina also and helps in faster recovery after illness.

  2. Shrivathsa

    The best its so nice & very good to after drink

  3. Piyush Gupta

    Its best for health and body oxygen

  4. Rajan

    Kya hum oxyjal ko water purify karne ke use kar sakte hai???

  5. u


  6. Piyush aggarwal

    Good description

  7. Piyush aggarwal

    Good description.

  8. Chetan kumar

    Very nice product

  9. Amit

    It is amazing. Today I used this ash in my drinking water and feel afresh. It is simply amazing. I recommend people who is suffering from low energy and lack of strength. Just use this with other gau product and see the magic within 7 days. Good effort by todega please. Simply great work. Divine blessing



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