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Puran Ghrit Nasal Drop – Best for Neurological & Phychological disorders


(9 customer reviews)

Puran Ghrita Nasya – Alleviates Doshas, Skin Diseases, Insanity, Seizures, Eye Disorders, Headache, Gynecological Issues, Respiratory Disorders, Hemorrhoids, Rhinitis, and more.

  • Specialty – Helps to alleviate all the 3 Doshas
  • Availability – Available
  • Weight – 10 and 30 ml
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::Puaran Ghrita Nasya -Ayur Ghee::
Charaka Samhita
::Puran Ghrita Ingredients::
5 years old Gir Cow Ghee
::Puaran Ghrita Nasya Treatment Benefits::
Helps to alleviate all the 3 Doshas, Unconsciousness (fainting), Skin diseases, Toxic conditions, Insanity, Epilepsy, Seizures, Night blindness, Eye disorder involving blindness, Headache, Disorders pertaining to head and brain, Gynaecological disorders, Ear disorders, Eye disorders, Fever, Asthma, Respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing, Cough, Hemorrhoid, Rhinitis, Psychological disorders, Inauspiciousness, Toxic conditions etc.


  • Use tow drops in each nostril and one drop in the belly button.
  • Preferable use at night before sleep.

Not ideal when patient has very low digestion strength.

Additional information

Weight 50 g


9 reviews for Puran Ghrit Nasal Drop – Best for Neurological & Phychological disorders

  1. Ranjit waghela

    Our ayurvedic consultant recommended this for solving rhinitis…

  2. Bhavesh

    Regular usage will help one to overcome breathing issues and nightblindedness..

  3. Sambhav

    Puran ghrita has wide ranging benefits at a very good price, this provides uncountable benefits, very easy and extremely effective for sinus and similar conditions ..

  4. Pranav Mehta

    This was recommended to us for eye related conditions based on the ayurvedic traditions, it is really helpful..

  5. Prathamesh

    Persons with poor breathing and having nasal problems , should definitely try this nasal drops..

  6. Rakesh Chauhan

    Kids at our house had severe running nose and headache, after using the Puran ghrit nasal drop, there has been a really great improvement!
    The fact that it’s ayurvedic medicine helps because it has sustained other benefits while having zero side effects! Great product!

    • admin


  7. Haresh Patel

    two drops at night proved to be an effective remedy for cough,highly recommended

  8. Milan Dwivedi

    A great way to improve eye health..

  9. pratyush

    Completely develops eyesight,purifies nasal cavity, improves throat functioning,such an impactful and easy administrable a2 ghee drops..Must try for all …

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