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Goseva Anti Radiation Chip

Anti Radiation Chip that can be used in mobile phones to reduce radiation. It’ll safeguard people against diseases.

Radiation is harmful to health but mobile has become a necessary evil now. A lot of radiation is generated while using the mobile phone which is very harmful for the body. It is very beneficial to prevent the harmful effects of this radiation.
Gir Cow dung is scientifically proven that it is anti-radiation.

This Chip is designed to protect users from the harmful radiation emitted by mobile devices. Made from cow dung, this chip acts as a shield against radiation and can be easily attached to the back of a mobile phone. By using this chip, individuals can minimize their exposure to potentially harmful radiation and enjoy a safer mobile experience.

Features Goseva Anti Radiation Chip:
  • Enhances immunity by protecting against harmful health effects of Electrosmog emissions from Tablet/Wifi routers and PC Monitors. These Electrosmog have serious health effects.
  • With Goseva’s Anti Radiation Chip, you can be sure of using your devices without any worry.
  • Does not interfere with the wifi signals ensuring no adverse impact on signal strength.


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Weight100 g

1 review for Anti Radiation Chip (Cow Dung Based)

  1. Sundar H

    Namaste, aapne jo bola hai anti radiation. Uska ek certificate ya fir ek live video daal dete, jisme aap radiation meter se test jarte aur prayog ka nishkarsh dikhate.

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