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‘the first milk secreted at the time of parturition, differing from the milk secreted later, by containing more lactalbumin and lactoprotein, and also being rich in antibodies that confer passive immunity to the newborn, also called “foremilk”.

GoKripaProducts offers Cow Colostrum from the Best Breed of Cow in Tablets from award-winning Gir cow generations from Jasdan State India.

Human race since long has identified the importance and significance of Milk of indigenous breed of cow but it is unfortunate that many do are aware of the super significance of Cow Colostrum; Go Piyush.

जरायज: प्रथम उस्रिया वृषा वात्व्रजा स्तनयन्नेति वृष्टया !

स नो मृडाति तनव ऋजगो रुजन् य एकमोजस्त्रेधा विचक्रमे!!
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Its Rich In Nutrients

Go Piyusham(COW COLOSTRUM CAPSULES) has a nutritional composition and is quite different from Kshir (milk). Go Piyusham is full of amino acids, vitamins, and full of natural minerals. Highly contains Vitamins i.e. A, B1, B2, b6, B12, and E.
And minerals like Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, and Zinc.

It’s a full source of parent requirements and fatty acids, essential and non-essential amino acids like arginine, cystine, glutamic acid, alanine, tyrosine, glycine, proline, aspartic acid, and serine.

All of the amino acids serve and supplies together they help the human body become stronger.

Helps in Body Growth and Healing

Go Piyusham(COW COLOSTRUM) helps in the growth repairs of RNA and DNA and supports anabolic activities that are directly or indirectly involved in tissue regeneration.

Go Piyusham is highly recommended for BodyBuilding, Sports Person, and fitness improvement.

Cow Colostrum helps to burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times of fasting.

Best Natural Immunity Improver 

Proline-rich-polypeptides (PRPs) and immunoglobulins (lgG, lgA, lgE, lgM & lgD) are the most important ingredients of colostrum, which regulate the thymus gland and help to improve the immune system. It also contains Lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein, which helps remove the rusty old iron that is floating around the body for too long. It also helps release iron into the RBCs (Red Blood Cells) enhancing oxidation of tissues. This way colostrum helps boost our immune system which fights against infections and diseases.


Q. What are cow colostrum capsules used for?

A. People use bovine colostrum for diarrhea and respiratory infections caused by exercise. It is also used for sepsis, athletic performance, autism, diabetes, child growth, and many other conditions.

Q. Can humans take cow colostrum?

A. Gir Cow colostrum has been used for human consumption due to the high concentrations of bioactive proteins, vitamins, minerals, growth factors, as well as free and conjugated oligosaccharides.

Q. How much colostrum per day?

A. It is normal to make only 1-2 Capsules of colostrum per day. Remember, your baby’s stomach may only be the size of a marble, so a large feeding may look small. Learning to suck and swallow milk is easier in small amounts. If your baby cannot nurse at first, hand express the colostrum so it can be fed to your baby.

Q. Is colostrum good for your hair?

A. Reducing hair loss: Colostrum may help to reduce hair loss by reducing inflammation and protecting the scalp from damage. Improving hair quality: Colostrum can help to improve hair quality by making it stronger, shinier, and more manageable.

Q. Is colostrum anti-aging?

A. Colostrum has antimicrobial properties that can help reduce the appearance of skin redness and irritation. Colostrum is perfect for individuals who are just starting to experience the signs of aging. With regular use, colostrum products may help lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Q. When should I take colostrum capsules?

A. Colostrum twice a day — once upon rising, 30 minutes before breakfast, and once before bedtime and at least two hours after the last meal of the day. Similarly, infants and toddlers should take colostrum at least twice a day.



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    Excellent product…You can trust blindly

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