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Goseva’s Ayurvedic PANCHGAVYA Carbon/Charcoal Soap

Goseva Carbon Soap is 100% natural panchgavya product manufactured especially to deal with skin problems like acne, psoriasis and oily skin. The carbon content is an added advantage to those who live in highly polluted cities and metros. The carbon absorbs all the suspended particles which block the pores of the skin and makes it appear dead & dull.

The cow dung being antibacterial in nature keeps all infecting microbes at bay and gives the skin a lively, fresh and radiant look. The most important aspect of using this panchgavya soap is it gives radiant glow of health to all skin types.

Endowed with blessing of Gaumata and natural ingredients as those of Cow’s Ghee ( Panchgavya), Gomay (cow dung) ( Panchgavya), Gau Mutra Ark ( Panchgavya), Multani Mitti , Active Carbon : Cow, Dung Ash , Aloevera, Rose Flower Petal ,Orange Peel, Ayurvedic Soap Base this soap is 100% skin friendly as well as environ friendly product.

Goseva- Carbon soap being devoid of any animal fat is the best solution for skin dryness as well as dullness. The cow dung detoxifies the skin and keeps it healthy and fit to fight pollution and bacterial attacks. What more the fresh aroma of rose petals and orange peel will make you have your bath again and again.

Composition : 
– Cow’s Ghee ( Panchgavya)
– Gomay (cow dung) ( Panchgavya)
– Gau Mutra Ark ( Panchgavya)
– Multani Mitti
– Active Carbon : Cow Dung Ash
– Aloevera,
– Rose Flower Pattal
– Orange Peel
– Ayurvedic Soap Base

– Cow Dung Carbon is Antibactrial ( Panchgavya)
– Cow Ghee ( Panchgavya)
– Cow Dung Caron helps skin or feel like a detox
– No Animal Fat
– No Harmful Chemicle Used
– Helps to Remove Blockages Of Skin
– Works Perfect on Acne
– Helps to Removes Dead Cells
– Dessolve Dullness
– Cure Dryness of Skin
– Help To prevent Outbreaks
– Natural Oil Prevent Body Order
– Helps to protect bacteria
– Suitable for all types of skin
– 100% Skin Friendly

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