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Panchgavya Jasmine Soap

Goseva Jasmine Panchgavya Soap is a natural soap with organic, Ayurvedic ingredients

If you would like to smell fresh flowers as they’re taking their morning and nightly showers, then Goseva is here to help. It is made from cow’s ghee, cow’s milk, and the extract of jasmine flowers.

This soap boasts rejuvenated skin, offering a soft touch and a radiant glow. Additionally, jasmine panchagavya revitalizes dull skin, while natural cow’s milk and ghee provide a blemish-free and radiant complexion.

This natural soap is devoid of any chemicals or animal fat, making it perfect for devotees and animal lovers. It’s also great for environmentalists.

Products Ingredients:

Jasmine Extract, Cow’s Ghee, Cow’s Milk, Gomay, Gaumutra Ark, Jasmine Oil, Glycerine, Aloevera Juice, Ayurvedic Soap Base

Why Choose Goseva Jasmin Panchgavya Shop:

  • 100% vegetarian no Animal Fat or Oil Used
  • No Harmful Chemicals Used
  • A Panchgavya Formula with Jasmin
  • Nice fragrance of Jasmin

Benefits Of Goseva Jasmin Panchgavya Shop:

Milk (Panchgavya), GoMaya (Panchgavya), Jasmine Oil, Aloevera, Ayurvedic soap Base this wonderful soap features refreshed and rejuvenated Skin which gives soft feel and glowing effect. Alovera detoxifies and rejuvenates dead and dull skin whereas natural cow’s milk and ghee imparts smoothness and rash free healthy skin.

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Weight80 g


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