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  • Purnima Vedic Ghee
  • 250ML/500ML/1000ML Available
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Full moon cultured gir cow ghee (Purnima Vedic Ghee)

Timing of full moon cultured Gir cow A2 ghee: The ghee is prepared specifically during the full moon, with emphasis on the waxing phase when the moon’s gravitational pull is heightened.

  • Source of Milk: The Purnima Gir Cow ghee is made from the milk of Gir Cows, an indigenous breed, which are free-grazed. This means the cows are allowed to graze in natural surroundings, which can impact the quality of the milk.
  • Purnima ghee Limited Batches: Only 12 small batches are made throughout the year, emphasizing the rarity and exclusivity of the product.
  • Ayurvedic Significance: Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, attributes great significance to ghee prepared during the full moon. It is believed that this preparation method enhances the nutritional properties of the ghee.
  • Natural and Additive-Free: The purnima vedic ghee is 100% natural and does not contain any additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers, or binders. This ensures a pure and authentic product.
  • Given these factors, this ghee can be considered a high-quality, artisanal product with a focus on tradition, natural methods, and Ayurvedic beliefs. It’s likely to be prized for its rarity, as well as its potential health and spiritual benefits according to Ayurvedic principles.


The beliefs surrounding the preparation of (Purnima ghee)full moon cultured ghee during the full moon are deeply rooted in traditional and spiritual practices.

  • Positive Effects on Molecular Level: It is believed that the energy fields influenced by the changing vibrations of the waxing moon have a positive effect on the molecular level. This suggests a spiritual or metaphysical aspect to the ghee-making process, where the moon’s energy is thought to infuse the ghee with special properties.
  • Enhanced Nutrition: Ghee made during the full moon is thought to offer an enhanced level of nutrition. This could imply that the process of making ghee during this specific lunar phase somehow enriches its nutritional content, making it more beneficial for those who consume it.
  • Calmness of Mind and Nervous System: The lunar energies during the full moon period are believed to have a calming effect on the mind and the nervous system. This aligns with the broader concept in many traditional practices where the phases of the moon are associated with different energies, affecting both physical and mental states.
  • Strength to the Physique: Full moon cultured (Purnima vedic Gir Cow ghee)ghee is said to be beneficial in adding strength to the physique. This implies that regular consumption of this ghee might have positive effects on physical health, potentially contributing to overall strength and vitality.

It’s important to note that these beliefs are rooted in cultural and traditional practices, and while they might not have scientific backing, they hold significant value in certain cultural and spiritual contexts. People who follow Ayurveda or other traditional practices often place importance on the timing and conditions of food preparation, believing it can influence the health and well-being of individuals.


FAQs about Purnima Vedic Gir Cow Ghee – full moon cultured ghee:

Q1. What is Purnima Vedic Ghee?

A1. Purnima Vedic A2 Ghee is a unique ghee preparation made during the full moon, particularly in the waxing phase, using the milk of Gir Cows that are free-grazed in natural surroundings.

Q2. Why is it made only in limited batches?

A2. Only 12 small batches of Purnima Vedic Ghee are made throughout the year, emphasizing its rarity and exclusivity. This limited production adds to the uniqueness of the product.

Q3. What is the significance of Ayurveda in the preparation of this ghee?

A3. Ayurveda attributes great significance to ghee made during the full moon, believing that this method enhances the nutritional properties of the ghee. The preparation aligns with Ayurvedic principles.

Q4. Is Purnima Vedic Ghee completely natural?

A4. Yes, Purnima Vedic A2 Ghee is 100% natural. It does not contain any additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers, or binders, ensuring a pure and authentic product.

Q5. What are the potential effects of consuming this ghee according to traditional beliefs?

A5. According to traditional beliefs, consuming Purnima Vedic A2 Ghee may have positive effects on a molecular level, enhance nutrition, promote calmness of the mind and nervous system, and add strength to the physique. These beliefs are rooted in cultural and spiritual practices.

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3 reviews for Full moon cultured ghee – Purnima Vedic Ghee

  1. Nilesh

    purnima ghee is good for overall health and vitality, trulry a geat product from Go.seva brand

  2. Jayesh

    This ghee is made with the help of traditional ayurvedic practises wherein The full moon night was used to enhance the overall nutrition levels of this ghee,its the moon which adds all the beneficial properties to the plants , Thanks to goseva for keeping our roots alive

  3. Amit

    Best then two brother

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