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  • Gau Chandan Gaumaya Batti Pure & sattvik Agarbati
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Chandan Agarbatti

Gau Chandan Agarbatti is Pure & Sattvik Agarbati, meticulously crafted from Desi Gir cow’s Pure Ghee and cow dung, along with natural herbs.

The goodness of Gau Chandan Agarbatti:

One of its remarkable qualities is that when lit, it creates an ambiance highly conducive to meditation. The ancient spiritual masters of India had observed the unique effect of incense on the human mind, thus incorporating it into various religious texts. They noted that specific natural incense compounds could induce a soft state of mind suitable for meditation.

This made it easier for people to focus on their Internal Chakras, facilitating full concentration. The Chakra, a concept within the teachings of spiritual Yoga and Tantra, represents a higher branch of Hindu spiritual thought. Moreover, the ancient masters noticed that a particular incense blend could significantly contribute to creating a positive ambiance and eliminating any staleness from a place. Therefore, if you seek to sharpen your focus on higher objectives, Goseva’s Gau Chandan Agarbatti is an ideal choice. You can conveniently purchase them here at Astami shop online in the pack size you require.

Masala agarbatti, being devoid of chemicals and charcoal, is a pure cow dung-based agarbatti.

In the Middle East, people still widely practice burning cow dung as an air purifier, demonstrating its enduring popularity. Additionally, some countries in southern Europe were well-versed in cleansing rooms by burning cow dung.

Cow dung possesses disinfecting properties, effectively reducing pathogenic bacteria.


The benefits of cow dung Chandan Agarbatti

Burning cow dung serves as an air purifier, a practice that has endured for generations, prevalent in villages and the Middle East even today. Cow dung’s disinfecting properties aid in reducing pathogenic bacteria and combating various diseases.

Various cultures have utilized cow dung in combating a range of illnesses.

Utilize cow-based products and support gomata.

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