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In Indian culture, Gomutra, or filtered cow urine from the sacred Indian Gir breed cows, holds a revered place for its diverse applications in purification and holistic practices. Discover the spiritual, cultural, and health benefits associated with this ancient elixir.

Key Uses and Benefits:

  1. Purification Rituals:

    • Used for purifying homes, offices, and the body during auspicious occasions.
    • Attracts divine consciousness, aligning individuals with the sattva guna for spiritual healing.
  2. Historical and Cultural Relevance:

    • Mata Yashoda poured Gomutra on Krishna for protection, highlighting its traditional importance.
    • Applied during sacrifices (Yagya) and utilized as a pesticide in gardens and farms.
    • Known to be a beneficial fertilizer, contributing to the growth of healthy plants.
  3. Health and Wellness:

    • Gomutra is considered a giver of mental and physical strength.
    • Has antibacterial properties and boosts the body’s immunity.
    • Recommended for heart patients and those dealing with obesity.
    • Plays a role in lowering cholesterol levels and reducing fats.
    • Improves brain power and supports the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and cells.
  4. Skin Care and Healing:

    • Used in baths for its remedial properties against skin diseases.
    • Known to have a positive impact on children’s health, especially in treating cough and other ailments.
  5. Spiritual Significance:

    • The unique ability of the Gir cow’s urine to dispel negative energy is valued during sacred rituals and sacrifices.

Directions for Use:

  • Sprinkle a small amount in different directions for spiritual and purifying purposes.


  • 100% Cow Urine from Indian Gir Breed Cows.


  • For oral use, it is recommended to use “Gomutra ARK” (distilled cow urine).

Embrace the ancient wisdom encapsulated in Gomutra, a sacred elixir that transcends cultural and spiritual boundaries, offering a holistic approach to well-being and purification.

Goseva गोमूत्र :

  • गाय का गोमूत्र मै गंगा का वास है। आप गंगा जल की जगह  इसका  उपयोग कर सकते  है।
  • इसे  स्नान करने से शरीर की खुजली आदि बीमारिया ठिक  होती है। घरमे पोछा लगाते समय बाल्टी में थोड़ा सा गोमूत्र डालकर पोछा लगाये इससे बीमारी फेलाने वाले सारे जीवाणु से रक्षण मिलता है 

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