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  • Specialty – It increases the semen of a man with weak senses.
  • This ghrita is the best tonic for weak people, people with low fertility, dilapidated and weak old people.
  • Availability – Available
  • Weight – 100ml


Kamdev Ghrita

Ghrita, known as ‘Kamadev ghrita / Kamdev Ghee/ Kamdev Ghrut/ Kamdev Ghritham’, is suitable for consumption in all seasons. Consuming it in the quantity of 1 tola cures the diseases like biliousness, kidney damage, weakness, jaundice, flatulence, halimak, swelling, weakness, loss of appetite, dysuria, and colic. This ghee is the best tonic for kings with many wives, barren women, weak people, people with low fertility, and dilapidated and weak old people. It is an energy enhancer, an enhancer of radiance, an enhancer of life and vitality, it is a vajikaran, and it increases the semen of a man with weak senses. Just as a tree grows by watering it with water, similarly this ghee destroys all diseases.



Ingredients of Kamdev Ghrita

Gir Cow Ghee Ghee, Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Bala, Giloy, Sariban, Shatavari, Ginger (Shunti), Punarnava, Peepal Gambhari, Lotus, Black gram, Sugarcane juice, Meda, Mahameda, Jeevaka, Rushabaka, Ksheera kakoli – Lilium podophyllum, Riddi, Vriddi, Kushta, Padmaka, Red Sandalwood, Teja patra, Choti Pipal, Draksha, Kapikacchu, Neel Kamal, Nagkeshar, Ananta mool, Bala,Mishri

NameFamilyCommon namePart of plantQuantity taken (kg)
Withania somnifera (L.) DunalSolanaceaeAshwagandhaRoots2.5
Tribulus terrestris L.ZygophyllaceaeGokhruSpiky fruits1.25
Pueraria tuberosa (Willd.) DC.FabaceaeVidarikandRoots0.5
Asparagus recemosus (Willd)LiliaceaeShatavariBulbs0.5
Tinospora cordifolia (Willd) MiersMenispermaceaeGuduchiStems0.5
Zingiber officinale (Roscoe)ZingiberaceaeGingerRhizomes0.5
Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC.PapilionaceaeShalparniLeaves0.5
Sida cordifolia (L.)MalvaceaeBalaRoots0.5
Boerhaavia diffusa (L.)NyctaginaceaePunarnavaWhole plant0.5
Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.NymphaeaceaeLotusSeeds0.5
Piper longum (L.)PiperaceaePippaliFruits0.05
Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br. ex Schult.AsclepiadaceaeSarivaRoots0.05
Lilium polyphyllum D. DonLiliaceaeKshirkakoliBulbs0.05
Abutilon indicum (L.) SweetMalvaceaeAtibalaWhole plant0.05
Roscoea purpurea Sm.ZingiberaceaeKakoliTubers0.05
Cinnamomum tamala (Buch.-Ham.) T.Nees and Eberm.LauraceaeTejpanLeaves0.05
Pterocarpus santalinus L.f.FabaceaeLalchandanHeartwood0.05
Vigna mungo (L.) HepperBlack-gramUradCereal0.05
Vitis vinifera L.VitaceaeRaisinsFruits0.05
Saccharum officinarum L.PoaceaeSugarcane (ikshu rasa)Stem juice0.05

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Benefits of Kaamdev Ghrita

Aphrodisiac, rejuvenating and improves nourishment. It improves sperm and semen. It improves body strength and skin complexion. Useful in the treatment of male and female infertility. It is good for the heart.

Physicochemical evaluation of plain ghee and Kaamdev Ghrita.

How to Use?

As medicine – quarter to half teaspoon with water, usually before food, once or twice a day, or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.
Can take it with Warm water or warm milk.

When not to use?

Bleeding disorders Chest injury Anemia, jaundice, liver disorders Gout Advanced anemia or jaundice – Haleemaka Hoarse voice Dysuria Burning sensation in cardiac region Sexual disorders Weakness Do not use this medicine without consulting your doctor.
Dosage of Kamdev Ghrita Quarter to half a teaspoon with sugar candy and milk, once or twice a day.
Use as directed by the physician.
This Ghrita can be used for 2 – 3 months, based on your doctor’s advice.


लाभ – वीर्यक्षय, शरीर की कृशता एवं नपुंसकता में लाभकारी। वीर्यवाहिनी नाड़ियों की कमजोरी से उत्पन्न नपुंसकता में शीघ्र लाभकारी, शुक्र में बीजशक्ति उत्पन्न करता है एवं स्त्रीयों के डिम्बकोषों में बीज धारणशक्ति उत्पन्न करता है। दुबलेपन को दूर करने में विशेष लाभकारी।

मुख्य घटक – गिर गौ घृत,अश्वगंधा, गोखरू, बरियार, गिलोय, सरिबन, विदारीकंद, शतावर, सौंठ, गदहपूरना, पीपल की कोपल, गंभारी के फूल, कमल गट्टा, उडद, जल, जीवक, ऋषभक, मेदा, महामेदा, काकोली, क्षीर काकोली, ऋद्धि, वृद्धि, कूठ, पद्माख, लाल चंदन, तेजपत्ता, छोटी पीपल, मुनक्का, कौंच बीज, नीलकमल, नागकेसर, अनंतमूल, बरियार, कंधी, मिश्री।

सेवन विधि – शाम भोजन के बाद 5 से 10 mlघृत मिश्री के साथ लेवें, ऊपर से हल्का गर्म दूध पीयें अथवा चिकित्सीय परामर्शानुसार।

Additional information

Weight215 g

4 reviews for Kamdev Ghrita – 100ML

  1. Dilip

    This ghrit promises to improve vitality and fertility in weak men and women, and i had purchased it for old members of our family as it gives them the necessary energy to fight diseases, and the results are promising , Jai Gomata

  2. Divya

    Its a good ayurvedic medicine for treating weakness and infertility, good quality prooduct…

  3. Pradeep

    It contains ayurvedic ingredients which improve overall vitality and radiance

  4. Samit Desai

    Useful for improving fertility and strenthening weaknesses in old people..

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