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  • 100% Organic  No chemicals & Preservatives
  • Availability – Available
  • Weight – 100g


::Benefits of Buttermilk::

Buttermilk helps calm the stomach, provides essential vitamins and nutrients, fights constipation, reduces acidity, prevents dehydration, helps in detoxification, is rich in calcium and reduces blood pressure whilst also delivering its famed cooling effect.

::What is Our Organic Buttermilk Masala::

Our Organic buttermilk masala is a true blend of taste and good health. Enriched with traditional items like hing, rock salt, jeera, white pepper, black pepper, etc it’s ready-to-use formulation. A must for every house Goseva’s buttermilk masala gives great flavor to fresh buttermilk. When added to the buttermilk it makes its taste unforgettable. This buttermilk masala powder is easy to use and once used not easy to leave next time. It’s a well-known fact that buttermilk has several health advantages it’s rich in calcium, a good appetizer, and above all keeps the body hydrated and cool.
Our Organic Buttermilk masala is made with all-natural ingredients. It contains Jeera, Ajwain, Sendha Namak, Safed Mirch, Hing, Kali Mirch, Pudina, Sonth, Kala Namak and Green Dhaniya all of these ingredients are natural and good for digestion. This combination is also good for avoiding inflammation of the stomach and It maintains proper balance in the stomach.


Ideally 1 teaspoon to a 200ml glass – and enjoy a refreshing tasty twist.

A very flavorful Indian digestive spice blend. This spice blend can be stored up to a year at room temperature and is used to make a very popular summer drink – Masala Chaas. The drink is healthier than juices and other drinks.



Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions8 × 3 × 4 in


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