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  • 100% Natural No chemicals & Preservatives
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  • Weight – 800g
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“Organic Jaggery, renowned for its enormous health benefits, stands out as the ideal sweetener for various reasons. Ayurveda extensively utilizes jaggery due to its exceptional properties, such as blood purification, liver detoxification, digestion aid, menstrual cramp relief, anemia prevention, joint pain alleviation, and blood pressure regulation.

The process of making jaggery begins with farmers in small-scale groups extracting juice from fresh sugarcane. They then meticulously filter the juice and boil it in wide, shallow iron pans while continuously stirring.

::Benefits of Jaggery::

Our Organic Jaggery, free from impurities and dust, undergoes a double cleaning process, ensuring optimal purity. Moreover, it is devoid of adulteration, additives, and preservatives, guaranteeing 100% quality. Unbleached jaggery retains all its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, preserving the goodness of our unrefined organic jaggery. Sugarcane Jaggery surpasses white sugar in nutritional value, serving as a quick energizer loaded with antioxidants and selenium for youthful vitality.

Consumption of jaggery after a meal stimulates bowel movements and activates digestive enzymes, promoting better digestion. Pairing jaggery with gir cow’s desi ghee post-meal works wonders for bowel movement, as the iron content of jaggery and ghee fat acts as a natural laxative, easing constipation troubles.

::Usage of Jaggery::

Organic Jaggery serves as a fantastic substitute for white sugar or brown sugar in cooking and baking. Additionally, it enhances the taste of tea and coffee when replacing white sugar. Its delicious flavor adds an extra dimension to various dishes.

Jaggery improves gut health by activating digestive enzymes, with a recommended daily intake of about 10 grams or 2 teaspoons.

::History of Jaggery::

In India, jaggery, known as Gud/Gur in Hindi, Nattu Sakkarai in Tamil, Bellam Pudi in Telugu, and Bellada Pudi in Kannada, has been a staple for ages.”

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Weight800 g
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