Gau Gugal Agarbatti


Gau Gugal Agarbatti

4.6 23 Ratings & 5 Reviews
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GauGugal Gaumaya Batti

Pure and sattvik Agarbatti made from deshi gir cow`s Ghee,Dung, And natural Herbs Fragrance 

Gugal Plus cowdung ghee agarbati good for enviormant

always been believed that burning guggul incencens in the home removes negativity and also removes the ill effectes of vastu dosha deffects ..I love it because of the wonderful earthy fragrance it exudes,it calms me and feel so peaceful and serene when burning incense i dont like to keep in one room i always took in diffrent room it can remove all nagative energy.

we are not using charcole and cemical oil in this incencens 



Cow dung incense , gugal agarbatti,cow dung agarbatti, panchgavya Agarbatti

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23 Ratings & 5 Reviews

Rated 4.6 out of 5

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Jitendra Sharma Jaipur

Hare Krsna! The Product is very pure and sattvik. But while using it I faced an issue that the dhoop stick and Agarbatti sticks does not burn completely till end. The dhoop and agarbatti stick goes off after burning 60% in almost all the times. Goswea Team and Ghanshyam Das PRabhu need to take feedback from its regular old customers. Please note that I use candle to lighten up the dhoop stick.

Amar Shedge

Best Dhoop which increases oxygen level in Surrounding

Amar shedge

Best Dhoop Ever

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