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Gomutra : Pure (Filtered Cow Urine)

Gomutra : Pure (Filtered Cow Urine)
Gomutra : Pure (Filtered Cow Urine)

Gomutra : Pure (Filtered Cow Urine)

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GOMUTRA: FILTERED COW URINE (Indian Cow (Desi Breed Cow's) Urine)

Gomutra (Filtered Cow Urine) is used in Indian culture for purification of a body. People spread Gomutra in their offices, houses, on their body during auspicious occasions. Gomutra attracts divine consciousness which brings us under sattva guna thus it helps in spiritual healing. Mata yashoda poured Gomutra on Krishna to save him from all ill-will. It is a giver of mental and physical strength. It is used while performing sacrifices (Yagya) and used as pesticide in garden or farm. It is beneficial as a fertilizer also. Gomutra is good remedy for skin diseases therefore it is used while bath. The Indian Gir cow’s urine has unique ability to kill negative energy and protects from all danger. The Gomutra by special Gir cow is very important during sacrifices. We provide good food and environment to Gir cows due to its importance. Cow urine helps cure various health problems. The advantages of Gomutra are: It works as antibacterial agent Boosts the immunity of the body Useful for heart patients and obesity Lowers cholesterol levels Reduces fats Improves brain power Repairs and regenerates damaged tissues and cells Cures children’s cough and other diseases Increases life span and purifies the blood. Directions: Put a small amount in the hand and sprinkle in different directions. Ingredients: Cow urine.

Please Note : For oral use "ARK" (distilled cow urine) is recomended.

Video Guide How to Use Filtered Cow Urine (Hindi) Video Guide How to Use Filtered Cow Urine (Hindi)

In Hindi

गोमूत्र :

  • गाय का गोमूत्र मै गंगा का वास है। आप गंगा जल की जगह  इसका  उपयोग कर सकते  है। 
  • इसे  स्नान करने से शरीर की खुजली आदि बीमारिया ठिक  होती है। घरमे पोछा लगाते समय बाल्टी में थोड़ा सा गोमूत्र डालकर पोछा लगाये इससे बीमारी फेलाने वाले सारे जीवाणु से रक्षण मिलता है 

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