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100% Natural Soap Angrakshak Soap – Hand Made


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Angarakshak : 100% Organic Bath Soap – Hand Made

About Angarakshak Bath Soap

Angarakshak Bath Soap It is free from chemical, animal protein and sodium Sulphate which is used for making foam. The soap made by using Gir cow dung is very effective in treat skin disorder and purify the whole body. Gir cow is careful as sacred in Vedic dharma and the produce made from her excreta helps us develop spiritually.

Angarakshak is an antiseptic soap is cow dung soap made from using traditional ingredient like Multani mitti, tilli tel and Neem ras. Angarakshak soap brighten the skin, makes it brand new and shimmering.

The herb present in the soap kill bacteria and progress blood flow of our body. If apply at the heels the soap make heel soft and smooth. If we use products made from Gir cow’s excreta it also helps us in cow preservation and protection.

Note : This is complete foam Free pure Bath Soap


• This soap saves us from leprosy, cirrhosis and other skin diseases. It is also effective in protecting us from radiation,

• pollution and infection. Angarakshak soap is skin friendly.<.p>

• eco friendly and harmless soap.

Why Use Angarakshak Bath Soap

For best results moisten the soap cake, rub gently on wet skin, and then rinse.

Additional information

Weight 80 g


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